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Exclusive Hebes

Tully Nurseries is renowned for the production of new varieties of Hebe for supply to Ireland and the UK.  If you would to buy our exclusive lines in the UK please contact Adrian in Bransford Plants and Chris in Lovania Nurseries.

Tully Nurseries exclusive Hebe varieties
Bella Bloom Hebes
Bella Bloom Hebes

With an annual production of over 1 million plants, Tully Nurseries is renowned for the production of new and existing varieties of Hebe’s for supply to Ireland and the UK. In order to meet customers’ demands for something new, better and different, we have produced many new varieties from seedlings and sports discovered in the nursery. In the beginning, our new product development programme produced varieties such as Hebe ‘Black Beauty’, Hebe ‘Red Rum’, Hebe ‘Raspberry Ripple’ and Hebe 'Little Red Rum' and Hebe 'Strawberries & Cream. In 2013, Hebe ‘Rhubarb & Custard’ won the overall best new plant award at the Horticultural Trades Show in the UK and at the GLAS show in Ireland. All new varieties can be found under their 'Bella Bloom' & ‘Winning Plants’ brand found in all leading Garden centres & DIYs. There are lots more exciting plants in the pipeline so watch this space!!! Tully Nurseries varieties are currently being protected in the US and Europe under the plant breeders rights programme.  

If you would like to grow these Hebes under license (Hebe Pink Candy, Hebe Raspberry Ripple & Hebe Strawberries & Cream) please contact Graham Spencer Plants for Europe.  If you would like to grow Hebe Matty Brown, Hebe Joan Mac, Hebe Rhubarb & Custard & Hebe Raspberry Chocolate, please contact Sanders in Van Vliet Plants.

Hebe Joan Mac
Hebe Raspberry Chocolate
Hebe Black Beauty
Hebe Matty Brown
Hebe Strawberries & Cream
Hebe Rhubarb & Custard