About Tully Nurseries

Environmental Policy

It is Tully Nurseries policy to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We accept that concern for the environment and sustainability should influence the services and products provided by the Company and be incorporated and promoted within those services.

In implementing our environmental policy, we will:

Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and, where practical, with codes of practice and other requirements, such as those specified by our customers.

Incorporate environmental and sustainability considerations into our design standards and practices with regard to the use of materials, chemical use, energy consumption, waste disposal and recycling.

Introduce Integrated Pest and Disease Management into day to day growing of plants at Tully Nurseries.

Provide appropriate environmental training for our own staff, working to promote environmental awareness amongst our suppliers, contractors and partners.

Minimising waste by reduced consumption and operation of effective and environmentally sound waste management and recycling procedures.

Reducing energy use through effective education and awareness and the installation of energy efficient technology where appropriate.

Developing environmental management action plans and regularly assessing whether the objectives and targets are being met.

We recognise that the operations at our own premises and facilities also have environmental consequences, and this policy extends to cover the premises we occupy, and the materials we use. We will pursue these commitments by providing adequate resources, training and support from the appropriate environmental professions.

Padraig Tully
Managing Director